Derma Pod technology
A total rejuvenation system to take years off the appearance of the skin, in which three different technologies are integrated: dermal microdermabrasion, photostimulation and microcurrents to combat the aging process in a single session. The benefits it provides are:

For epidermal aging:

  • Exfoliates the upper layers of the dermis.
  • Softens pigmentation and minor marks.
  • Refines the texture of the skin.
  • Activates cell renewal.
  • For dermal aging:
  • Increases collagen production.
  • Reduces fine lines and smooths wrinkles.
  • Restores elasticity.
  • For muscle aging:
  • Hardens and tones flabby muscles.
  • Redefines the facial contour.

The treatment is carried out in three phases:

  • 1. Microdermabrasion phase
    We start with a renewal of the skin’s surface. By removing the upper layers of the epidermis, the skin becomes more receptive to light and microcurrent treatments. During this phase, Derma Pod projects a controlled stream of natural mineral crystals to gradually remove blemishes and marks. Each time it is passed, it removes a precise amount of dead cells, refines pores and reduces uneven pigmentation, smoothing out surface marks and blemishes in the dermis.
  • 2. Lifting phase
    In the second part of the treatment, Derma Pod directs a pulsed light towards the surface of the skin that passes through the inner layers, stimulating the mechanisms of repair and production of collagen. By having a greater presence of collagen, it smoothes and softens the appearance of wrinkles, reducing the size of the pores and improving the texture of the skin’s surface. At the same time, the electrodes apply non-invasive microcurrents to enhance flaccid muscles and tighten the facial contour.
  • 3. Product application phase
    The last part of this extraordinary rejuvenation treatment consists of the application of antioxidants and vitamin complexes to control the aging process.The number of treatments required to obtain results depends on the age of the patient, their lifestyle and the condition of their skin. .

Treatment results:

  • Younger looking skin.
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased elasticity of the skin.
  • Redefined facial contour and firmness on the face.
  • Reduction in pore size.
  • Improvement of the irregularities of the dermis texture.

Hydradermie Lift
It is an internationally recognized treatment as one of the most advanced that uses revolutionary technology for the care of the skin on the face, since in just 50 minutes it tones, revitalizes, hydrates, moisturizes and deeply cleanses the dermis with active ingredients for its nutrition . With the passage of age, stress and fatigue, the skin of the face becomes heavy, it looks tired and sagging, in addition to the signs of aging. Hydradermie Lift, gives the muscles of the face a new tonicity by reshaping the facial features, creating a spectacular lifting effect, through muscle gymnastics that re-tightens the muscles, regaining tonicity and firmness. In addition to being a personalized treatment in which the active ingredients are selected according to the needs of the patient, in order to oxygenate, revitalize, detoxify and nourish the skin.

The benefits of this procedure:

  • A rejuvenating and revitalized look on the face.
  • Lifting effect through muscle gymnastics.
  • Specific facial nutrition.
  • Detoxifies, oxygenates and deeply cleanses impurities from the skin.